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Why Australian Building Owners Should Get NABERS Ratings


What is NABERS?

NABERS is an Australian national rating system that calculates the environmental performance of buildings, rental properties, and homes. Itconsiders such things as: energy efficiency, water usage, waste management, and indoor environment quality as well as the building’s effect on the environment. Performance is based on utility bill data which is converting into a clear, user-friendlyone to six star rating, with six beingtop performance.For over ten years, NABERS has assisted owners, managers and leases improve their sustainability performance. There are several excellent reasons why building owners should get NABERS ratings. It makes dollars and cents! Your building can cut costs by improving its energy efficiency. It’s simple mathematics. The higher your NABERS rating, the less energy is escaping from your building and, thus, the lower your utility bills. Buildings with higher NABERS ratings can secure loans easier and at lower interest rates. Buildings with higher NABERS ratings sell faster and higher.

Improve efficiency

If you implement a policy of sustainability based on less consumption and more efficiency your business is more streamlined.

Prove corporate responsibility

When you take steps to improve your NABERS rating, you are demonstrating corporate responsibility. Corporations with higher NABERS ratings have a better reputation. Those who are actively working toward improving their NABERS ratings are deemed to be more responsible citizens.

Gain happier tenants

If your rental property has a higher NABERS rating it has been proven: tenants are happier. Tenants stay longer. You have fewer revenue-losing vacancies. Tenants are willing to pay higher rents to live in a building that is more economical in terms of energy costs.

Public expectation

If you own a rental property, a hotel, or an office building those who use it have an expectation that you as landlord or hotelier will “go green”. Your public has that expectation.

NABERS ratings are good yardsticks

A NABERS rating allows you to asses where you are and create a plan for where you want to be. You can achieve significant savings when you have an accurate environmental performance rating. Once you have identified how and where you’re using energy and water and where you there is waste, you can pinpoint ways to save money and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Improve employee morale

Employees who work for corporations that are actively pursuing building efficiency programs have a higher regard for their employer. They deem their work environment healthier. They are less likely to cost the company sick days. They are more likely to remain working for an employer who demonstrates environmental responsibility and to participate in energy cost-cutting and environmentally-friendly measures. Government policy

NABERS ratings of building environmental performance are oftenpart of government policies and commercial property agreements. Companies like Ausnviro specialize in assisting owners perform and improved their NABERS rating. 

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