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A commercial building of that size cannot legally be advertised or offered for sale or lease without a valid BEEC.

The function of a BEEC

A BEEC discloses the following information to potential buyers and tenants of commercial buildings:


Prospective buyers and tenants can search the Building Energy Efficiency Register to find out if a building already has an existing BEEC and view the rating.

The BEEC registration process

Ausnviro is specialised in BEEC registration and endeavours to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

Ausnviro assessments are performed and ready for submission within 5-10 working days from receiving all the required documentation. The steps and timings for each step are as follows:


Of note, Ausnviro clients should expect fast turnarounds as we treat all our assessments with urgency and our experience enables us to streamline the process for every client.

Keeping a BEEC up-to-date

A BEEC remains valid for up to 12 months.

beec-img2However, if a building’s NABERS Energy rating or lighting assessment expires, its BEEC will be rendered invalid.

As part of the certification service, Ausnviro will monitor the status of a building’s BEEC, alert relevant parties when it legally needs updating, and carry out the re-rating on behalf of the building owners or managers.

Get Certified by Ausnviro

Ausnviro is an environmental ratings specialist company that can provide commercial buildings with BEEC certification, Australia-wide.

Our assessors currently perform certification in the following locations:


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