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city-switch-img1City Switch is a fantastic program for office tenancies looking to get started in reducing their energy usage and impact on the environment.

The City Switch program offers a great incentive in the form of discounts and concessions to obtain your NABERS energy for offices tenancy rating. This rating enables office tenants to benchmark their performance against the industry standard. Cityswitch also provide information to tenants on how to reduce energy usage in the office. This is delivered through their easy to use handbook and free workshops.

CitySwitch benefits

Improving office energy efficiency enables you to diminish carbon pollution in your office as a tenant. Environmental sustainability can be advanced and exhibited by your organization through subscribing to the CitySwitch Green Office. Your organization becomes a greenhouse-friendly place to work by reducing operating expenses and gaining a competitive advantage.

CitySwitch grants your organization:

The program also promotes CitySwitch Signatories’ energy efficiency achievements through case studies, media and other marketing opportunities.  Organizations who commit to the program can use the CitySwitch Signatory logo to promote their green credentials, as well as receive the support and shared knowledge of a network of environmental leaders.

Whats involved?

Getting involved with CitySwitch as a Signatory requires having a location at a local government area where the council is a participating CitySwitch partner.

Your organization recognizes at a senior level that climate change is of grave concern when it chooses to become a CitySwitch Signatory. All Signatories agree to embark on a set of energy measures as summarized in the CitySwitch Commitment Letter in striving to develop into leaders in energy efficiency.

 CitySwitch energy measures:

Program requirements will be discussed with a CitySwitch Program Manager who will provide you with a:

A website login providing access to CitySwitch energy efficiency resources is issued to all Signatories as well as:

Your organization will be invited to attend CitySwitch Café Series events that provide opportunities to discuss office energy efficiency issues, challenges and prospects including networking with other like-minded businesses. Addition to the CitySwitch e-bulletin distribution list is also an added advantage.

Why get involved?

75% of the world’s greenhouse emissions are contributed by cities. This means that Australia’s greenhouse targets are greatly influenced by office buildings. We must act now and take advantage of the fact that tenants can affect up to 50% of total energy use in office buildings.

Usually, major building renovations take place between 20 to 25 years in Australia. For buildings that have an average lease  turnover time of 3 to 5 years, CitySwitch provides short-term greenhouse gas reductions by promoting  green tenancy fit-outs and energy efficient business practices in offices as opposed to waiting for stock replacement.

The opportunities to make their offices energy efficient abound as tenancies are in a good position to make use of low and no-cost improvements.  By managing their energy consumption, they can have a major and direct impact on the lessening of carbon emissions in our cities.

Joining CitySwitch provides access to a growing network of like-minded businesses committed to improving the environmental performance of their offices. Signatories commit to achieve and maintain an accredited 4 stars or higher NABERS Energy tenancy or whole building rating. NABERS Energy gives a performance benchmark by measuring and rating a tenancy’s or building’s annual greenhouse gas emissions using 12 months of energy bills.

Being part of a growing network dedicated to improving the environmental performance of their offices are some of the key benefits that Signatories obtain by registering with CitySwitch. Accomplishing and sustaining an accredited 4 stars and above NABERS Energy tenancy or building rating is what the signatories commit to. Quantifying and ranking a tenancy’s or building’s annual greenhouse gas emissions using 12 months of energy bills determines the provision of NABERS Energy’s performance benchmark.

Simple and easy to implement actions that increase energy efficiency that help to achieve CitySwitch Commitment are:

Why do I need to rate my office?

Improvement of office efficiency, saving money and reduction of greenhouse emissions are the reason why CitySwitch Green Office utilizes NABERS Energy’s prescribed evaluation and reporting procedure.

You can base your current performance and energy efficiency milestones on receiving an accredited benchmark by rating your office with NABERS Energy.

 Commitment on the part of tenants to take part in CitySwitch means to:

The Program Manager receives feedback from the Signatories within the state annually. During the annual CitySwitch Progress Report Executive Briefing, the Lord Mayors/Mayors receives the information at a formal feedback session attended by all signatories.

What can Ausnviro do for your organisation?

city-switch-img3Ausnviro can perform your certified NABERS Energy assessment which is a measure of energy usage and efficiency of your tenancy.

From this star rating you can yardstick your current performance and track your tenancies improved efficiency on a yearly basis. A certified NABERS rating is a great tool to promote your organisations green credentials and commitment to reducing energy within the workplace.

More information:

CitySwitch is pleased to continue offering the NABERS Rebate (Round 4).

Office SizeMaximum Available Rebate (Ex. GST)
Under 1000m2$500
1,000m2 – 5,000m2$1,000
5,000m2 – 10,000m2$2,000
10,000m2 – 20,000m2$3,500
20,000m2 – 30,000m2$5,000
30,000m2 – 50,000m2$7,000
50,000m2 +$9,000

All new and existing signatories are eligible to receive a NABERS rebate under Round 4, regardless of previous claims

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