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The Benefits of NABERS For Your Hotel


NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating Scheme) is a rating given to commercial buildings in Australia based on their performance of several key environmental issues. NABERS Hotel Assessors examine:

  • Water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency

It is natural to be concerned about the costs of implementing changes required for the NABERS rating system, and naturally how it will affect businesses in other ways as they adhere to legislation and try to improve their overall rating. Business leaders expect to have a clear understanding of what they might have to spend on the cost of utilities and other waste – it could affect their decision to buy a property.

These issues might be especially concerning for hotels which get through a lot of power, water and wastage every day through washing linen, food waste, lighting, heating, the pool, sauna, gym… the list is endless and there are enormous benefits to you for acquiring and maintaining a good NABERS rating for your hotel:

    • A high NABERS rating helps people decide where to stay – especially the ecotraveller concerned about environmental impact
    • It is good for your image. Customers who see that you are committed to good environmental practice will look favourably on your hotel or chain, will recommend you to others and return to your hotel
    • It will keep you competitive in a tough marketplace. If you can keep your costs down, then you can keep your prices down also
    • It is good for your asset value: If you ever decide to sell one of your hotels a NABERS rating is a sign that you have made significant upgrades in order to cut the building’s consumption and costs. Potential buyers always look favorably on a building with a higher rating because it would mean lower initial renovation

A lot of the improvements can be made relatively easily. For example, a study by Sydney Water discovered that up to 20% of water usage could be saved without disruption to the convenience of the guests and without changes to the structure of the building. Most of the time, it will be simple improvements such as better insulation, getting a cover for your pool and efficient windows and doors. In some cases you might need to invest in new equipment


Why Get an Accredited Rating From Us?

Ausnviro is a fully accredited NABERS Assessor active in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales – but we service businesses right across the country. We have been operating since 2009 and in four short years have grown into a large and thriving company, having provided ratings for a number of regional iconic buildings such as both Melbourne’s and Sydney’s Premier Office Towers. We have also rated Rialto Towers in Melbourne so we already have experience in assessing some of the country’s largest buildings.

Because of the nature of the business, a hotel is a high-volume user of basic utilities. We will work with you to identify key areas where you could make savings across the key areas of water and electricity and any other utilities you might use. We will look at the consumption data for all of the areas of your hotel, identify problem areas, look at them in detail and suggest improvements.

As a fully accredited assessor, once the consultation is complete you are legally permitted to use the NABERS hallmark in your promotional material – letting everybody know that your green credentials are based on something solid and quantifiable.