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The Value of NABERS


How Does NABERS Benefit My Business?

You might think that this system will not benefit your business and might only wrap you up in more red tape for environmental purposes, but you would be wrong – it is an important part of real estate in Australia today. What benefit is there to you or your business that your buildings have a high, or for that matter a low, NABERS rating?

A high rating will show that you are committed to reducing the cost of your utility bills – it will mean that you are minimising water usage, that you use energy efficient power outlets and lighting, that your heating system and air conditioning systems are efficient; it also means that you have taken every step to reduce the amount of waste that you produce. With all of these things in place, you can reduce your annual utility bills by 20 to 40 percent. Having just come out of a recession, cost savings are still very important to businesses as they seek to maximise profit and cut out unnecessary expenditure where possible.
If you own commercial tenancy property, potential clients will certainly be looking at such efficiency saving as part of the package when considering renting your office space. With a 72% reported uptake in the standard, it is highly likely that business owners will ask specifically about what cost savings measures you have installed in your commercial property.

With efficient heating, lighting, water and air quality you will be creating a better working environment. Undoubtedly, this will make your property more desirable meaning they will be in greater demand, meaning that you can charge higher rents, meaning more profits for you and for the shareholders and a better reputation for your company. Taking all of this into account, the actual base value of the property and your company will increase! 

Finally there is the legal requirement: getting a NABERS rating will help you achieve the Commercial Building Disclosure requirement

What is NABERS?

We are moving further and further towards a green world, to create a clean and safe environment for our children and their children. Governments and businesses the world over recognise the scale of the problem facing humanity of global climate change, fuel efficiency, water use and air quality – not to mention the increasing financial cost of utilities.

NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) is a government enacted standard designed to measure a number of attributes of commercial buildings. It is a rating system that looks at the following criteria: energy efficiency, water efficiency, waste, and quality of the indoor environment (such as sufficient ventilation)

An independent accredited Assessor examines a number of evidence types in determining what a building’s rating should be. The rating system itself goes from one star to six stars. If a building is given a one star rating, it means there is considerable room for improvement on most if not all of the criteria. A six star rating is the highest accolade, meaning that the owners have done everything possible to demonstrate their concern for the environment, reduce utility costs and use power and water supplies more efficiently.

The NABERS system applies to all commercial buildings and tenancies in Australia; there are separate NABERS systems for hotels, shopping centres and data centres.

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