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Our specialties at Ausnviro include:

Bi-Annual Waste Audit and Report (WasteTrack)

Detailed and accurate waste data is pivotal to improving waste efficiency in commercial office buildings.

In general, the waste data supplied by waste contractors is a mix of actual and tare weight. The problem with this data is the inability to identify issues with particular tenancies and floors.

The Ausnviro Bi-Annual Waste Audit and Report (WasteTrack) solves this problem, as our audit details the streams and weights of each tenant and floor. Along with recommendations and physical evidence, the report is a robust tool for improving waste awareness and efficiency.

Ausnviro currently undertakes this service for major premium commercial offices, such as:

Part of our premium service is that the report is developed in presentation form, which negates the need for the building management to double-handle the data and recommendations. Furthermore, as part of each audit Ausnviro staff will present the report in a tenant sustainability meeting, acting as an independent representative of the building management.

Once the Ausnviro Bi-Annual Waste Audit and Report (WasteTrack) is complete, we recommend that a full Strategic Waste Management Plan is undertaken, applicable to each asset.

Strategic Waste Management Plans (SWMP)

The Ausnviro Strategic Waste Management Plan (SWMP) is a full waste efficiency approach, from tenant to truck, providing a step-by-step strategy including:

With this comprehensive strategic waste management plan in hand, the building management can proceed to implement it themselves or engage Ausnviro for a full independent implementation.

Implementation of SWMP (Protocols, Engagement, Education)

With an SWMP in place, our clients may elect to engage Ausnviro to implement the entire strategy. As independent representatives of the building management and experts in our field, we commonly perform this action for clients.

In addition to the strategy itself, implementation includes introducing waste management protocols for tenants, management, cleaners and waste contractors. Ausnviro engages tenant representatives through education and by working individually with each stakeholder.

Benchmarking Waste Performance (NABERS)

The aim of NABERS Waste is to provide existing office building owners, managers and occupants throughout Australia with a reliable and easy-to-use benchmark, which tracks the impact of a building and its occupants’ waste management practices on the environment.

The rating addresses the following aspects of waste management:

Total waste generated (garbage, recycling, and re-use waste streams) Recycling rate (amount of appropriate waste diverted from landfill disposal).

NABERS Waste awards star ratings based on the quantity and management of the waste generated by a building and how that performance impacts the external environment, with a higher number of stars awarded for a better outcome. The rating is provided in order to be able to compare buildings in as fair a manner as possible.

The number of stars awarded is determined by the normalised mass of total waste generated, and/or the recycling rate, depending on the type of rating conducted, and calculated for the number of occupants in their context of total waste generated (grams per person per day).

Ausnviro has carried out Certified NABERS Waste Ratings for key buildings across Australia. We service all states and territories.

Waste Education (Waste Forum)

Waste education is an integral component of commercial waste management, supporting building targets and processes.

Ausnviro’s Waste Forum provides a strategic approach to waste education, placing an emphasis on engaging tenants around the topic of workplace waste. Focusing on promoting interaction between attendees, Ausnviro’s lead waste consultants facilitate the discussion between staff by addressing areas including:

Waste Forums can be delivered as an independent service to building or tenant management.

In addition to the Waste Forum, Ausnviro extends their educational services to include:

Operational Waste Management Plan

Ausnviro’s Operational Waste Management Plan provides a comprehensive analysis of the current, or projected, waste processes of an asset and provides tailored recommendations to maximise efficiency in waste management. The report is dynamic in its application, and can be utilised by commercial, retail, mixed use or residential assets requiring an evaluation of their current waste processes. Additionally Ausnviro can deliver an Operational Waste Management Plan (OWMP)/Waste Management Plan (WMP) where required by clients as part of a development proposal.

Ausnviro’s qualified waste assessors take a hands-on approach to the OWMP, ensuring the accuracy of recommendations through site-observations, contractor consultation in addition to extensive industry experience. For development proposals, the OWMP will provide a detailed analysis of the estimated material generation and waste processes of the asset, and recommendations to ensure the efficiency of the provided waste infrastructure and collection processes. Ausnviro’s formalised approach will analyse all aspects of the asset, targeting areas including:

Utilising the above processes, Ausnviro’s OWMP can also be applied for assets targeting a Green Star Design & As Building Rating (V1.2) and is compliant with the PCA Office Building Quality Matrix.

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