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Listed below are just some of the indoor environment and workplace air quality services Ausnviro can offer:

NABERS Indoor Environment Certification

Indoor air quality is currently a hot topic in the commercial office space. With bushfires impacting air quality across the country and smoke haze becoming common in many major cities, tenants and building managers alike have started questioning the quality of the air they breathe on a daily basis.

A great way to benchmark your asset’s indoor air quality performance is to conduct a NABERS Indoor Environment for Offices rating. This process will enable you to understand the market performance of your building and identify areas for improvement moving forward. Testing involves sampling parameters such as temperature, air quality factors such as carbon dioxide and dust levels, as well as acoustic performance.

Ausnviro has been undertaking NABERS Indoor Environment ratings for over 10 years for major premium commercial offices, including:

Our premium consultation service culminates in our industry leading Ausnviro Indoor Environment Roadmap Report™, developed through years of extensive experience. This document is your tailor-made, step-by-step guide to an improved NABERS Rating and breaks the rating process down into simple sections so you can be confident in your ability to rectify problem areas moving forward.

With the new PCA guidelines now requiring a NABERS Indoor Environment Base Building rating of 5 Stars or above for premium-grade assets, there has never been a better time to engage an industry expert to improve your indoor air quality.

For buildings just entering the Indoor Environment space or wishing to achieve the highest possible rating straight away, Ausnviro recommends our NABERS Indoor Environment Preaudit.

NABERS Indoor Environment Preaudit

Using our extensive knowledge of the NABERS protocol and common pitfalls, Ausnviro can undertake a cost-effective version of a NABERS Indoor Environment rating – without the certification component. Conducting this immediately prior to a certified rating enables a “dress rehearsal” to understand and quickly rectify the specific problems holding your building back from achieving its full potential. The scope of the preaudit can be tailored to your building and specific circumstances, so please don’t hesitate to contact Ausnviro to arrange a no-obligation discussion.

Ausnviro NABERS Indoor Environment TempTrack™

Ausnviro NABERS TempTrack™ is a detailed monthly tracking report used to safeguard the annual monitoring component of the NABERS Indoor Environment Rating. Through detailed analysis of the hourly temperature data to the ASHRAE Standard 55:2013 – Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy, Ausnviro will provide building management with optics on individual sensors that have issues during the tracking period. This will allow building management to adjust to any temperature discrepancies to ensure the highest possible annual monitoring result in the certified NABERS IE Rating.

Workplace Air Quality

Are you a tenant within an office building who has particular air quality issues that you’re concerned about? Ausnviro can help. From spot-testing in particular parts of an office floor, diagnosis of problems to lab analysis and more, Ausnviro can customise a solution to help your tenancy resolve its air quality issues.

Listed below are some of the tests Ausnviro would typically carry out when conducting indoor environmental audits in office tenancies or buildings:

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