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nabers-commitment-agreement-imgThe NABERS Commitment Agreement allows property owners and developers to promote and market the excellent greenhouse performance of a new project from the outset. It is called a Commitment Agreement because you are making a commitment to the design, build and commission of the premises to a selected star level. As part of this commitment it is expected that your undertaking will be communicated to your design team and all others, who in the course of their involvement with your building, could have an impact on the rated performance.

The Commitment Agreement allows the proponent to nominate the star level that the project will perform at, once the building is fully operational. As 3 stars represents current best market practice, it is expected that Commitment Agreements will be taken at either the 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 or 6 star level for the base or whole building. Once signed, this Agreement allows you to promote your building. This Commitment Agreement is applicable to new commercial office building projects or to upgrades and refurbishments of whole buildings or base buildings. Commitment Agreements are also applicable to premises that are newly occupied, renovated or where operational changes are being made. The Commitment Agreement covers the design, construction, commissioning and tenanting phases of the project as well as a 12 month operational period to allow operational data to be collected to prove performance.

Proponents pay a fee for the use of the Trade Mark and to promote the building’s performance from the earliest stage. The Commitment Agreement fee is set out in a separate fee schedule available from OEH. The fee must be attached to the signed Agreement for the Commitment Agreement to be effective.

OEH has elected not to incorporate Green Power into the Commitment Agreement but rather to see high greenhouse performance achieved through good design focused on energy efficiency.

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